UPA Gala at AniMazSpot 2012

Magoo at the Alex, on September 15th, will be the feature event at the AniMazSpot 2012 festival this year, from September 9th through the 16th.  Actually, there are two events planned, so far, at the historic 1,400 seat theater in Glendale, California, in the center of the Los Angeles Animation community.  The late afternoon event will be animation luminaries talking about UPA’s influence on their work, showing some of their own animation, as well as illustrious clips from UPA classics.  The evening event will be the screening of all 15 Oscar nominated and winning shorts, plus five Magoo favorites.  All prints will be recently restored 35mm prints from Sony Pictures, two in Cinemascope.  Already “Magoo at the Alex” is being considered a one-time only must-see animation event.  To find out more, or purchase advanced reduced-price tickets, visit www.animazspot.com.

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